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Hospice Team

We take pride in our team of experienced hospice care providers.

portrait of medical professionals smilingOur hospice team is consist of the following:

  • Medical Director – Oversees the hospice treatment plan, in addition, he/she will coordinate care with the hospice care team; he/she will communicate and coordinate care with the patients’ primary care physician/attending physician in order to understand the full spectrum of the patients’ disease processes.
  • Hospice Nurse (RN) – The hospice nurses provide hands-on nursing care in the patient’s home or a hospice facility. The hospice nurse will manage pain and other symptoms; the hospice nurse will educate and provide support to the patient and families to understand the disease process. The hospice nurse is taught to make a cultural assessment and provide care specific to the individual wishes, needs, and cultural beliefs.
  • Certified Hospice Aide (CNA) – Can assist the patient with personal care, hygiene, and light housekeeping services.
  • Social Worker – Social workers offer a full spectrum of community sources; in addition, he/she will offer emotional support to the patient and families.
  • Spiritual Counselor – Our non-denominational Spiritual Counselor offers families and patients with spiritual support throughout the patients’ disease process. He/she can help in providing grief education and emotional support.
  • Trained and Certified Hospice Volunteer – Provides support, caregiver respite services, companionship, run errands, and other supportive services to the patients and families.
  • Complimentary Therapists – Dietitians, Physical, Occupational, or Speech Therapies, Alternative Therapies, Bereavement Program (open to patients, friends, and family).